What is "There Is Art In Everything?"

The story of how TIAIE started.

"It all started for fun"

In early 2017, Matthew Alexander had just quit his local metalcore band in Charlotte, tried and failed to start a pop punk band, and was looking for a creative outlet. He had already determined that he wasn’t going to stay in Charlotte, and wanted one last hoorah before he left to go back to New York.

Anyone want to make a spoken word album? Matthew went and grabbed a few of his friends and booked a studio for a weekend and said “F**k it, let’s just wing it.”

Creating There Is Art In Everything - Vol. 1

Matthew put out feelers with a Facebook post to see who wanted to be involved. We grabbed friends and other musicians, including Trenton Worsham, Ian Powell, Connor Vogt, Cameron Auch, and William Wallace, and spent three days just seeing what we could do. They made a couple of tracks that totalled to about 19 minutes, and had to go back to work on Monday, so we finished it, listened to it, and said "Let's just put it out there and see what happens.

Initially, the project was just for fun, but as time went on, Matthew wanted to do more with it. He started concocting an idea for Vol. 2 - this time, we’d try something different. Volume 2 will be a full-length novel and a concept album - a fiction story about a man from Richmond discovering himself and finding passion in a passionless world. There Is Art In Everything is, at it’s core, an art experiment. "It’s for me to have an outlet and a platform for trying new mediums of creation."

The repeated theme throughout There Is Art In Everything is that, in all things, there is beauty, in death and in life, in loss and victory. The idea is not writing about necessarily about optimism or pessimism, but acceptance of what is happening. Writings about the human condition, introspection, experiences and reactions, understanding, so on and so forth.

There Is Art In Collaboration

Vol. 1 of TIAIE was collaborative. This is a project that lets people interact with it. We will always focus on togetherness.

There Is Art In Change

We are always experimenting. We are always trying new things. This project is exploratory, and is not just about music. This is about discovery.

There Is Art In Expression

This project may sometimes express things that are uncomfortable to say or hear. We aim for sincerity and expressiveness.